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Killer Kaffee Killer Kaffee

Preparation Recommendation Intensity Composition
Filter Roast Medium 100% Arabica Single Origin


Killer Kaffee is our first natural filter roast and introduces a completely new taste profile to our range of coffees. Grown in the Cerrado region of Brazil, this coffee is known for it’s sweet and chocolatey notes resulting in a beautiful soft and fruity taste profile. With the “natural” processing method, coffee cherries are dried with the fruit still attached to the bean, resulting in a more fruity, complex taste. So intense in Flavour and overwhelming Aromas, your heart rate will definitely rise. Explore the tasty universe of dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, delicate sweetness & mild acidity. “Killer Kaffee” is roasted on Planet Earth.

The Beans

Brazil Cerrado Doce Diamantina NY2 16up, natural, 800–1100 masl, Varieties of Cataui & Mundo Novo


Package Contents

15 €
(29 € / kg)


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