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Roasted on Planet Earth

Rooted in a small family business, Roast Royce still roasts in its original warehouse roastery in the south of Germany. Every batch gets the love and attention it deserves by our Founder & Head of Coffee Max.


Specialty Coffee, available for everyone

That was the vision we had in mind when founding Roast Royce. We don’t take coffee too serious, always striving for a smile on our customers face, when touched by the brand. As we love to say:

“Roast Royce is roasted on Planet Earth”


Enough time to unfold complex flavours

We roast with traditional drum roasting techniques on a SR5 Roaster from Coffed in our roastery in the south of Germany. We believe that every bean needs time to unfold it’s unique flavours and peculiar strengths which is why we give it enough time to unfold.

Every 5kg batch that runs through our machine is visualised on Artisan and documented precisely for superior quality standards and reproducibility.


A variety of Blends & Single Origins

Our coffee beans range from very dark Espresso Roasts to fruity & floral Filter Roasts. We never set a specific focus but our dark Espresso Roasts are especially well received by the crowds.

We believe in coffee blends to offer a consistent coffee experience - Once you discovered your favourite beans with us, you don’t have to worry about them not being available anymore.


Two important sustainable factors

We have to factor in two different impacts when looking at being sustainable. One being environmental impacts, the other one being economical impacts. We receive our fresh raw beans from one of the largest specialty coffee importers in Europe as we do not import directly from the specialty farms at this point.

This decision is due to our current company size and more importantly as we don’t want to increase our carbon footprint by travelling to different suppliers all over the world on a regular basis.

Fair pricing & good relationships

All of our beans are produced by small farmer coops and Haciendas with different micro lots, that our importer directly buys from. This way we ensure fair pricing and a good relationship to the farmers.