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The Long One

  • Filter
  • Honey 🍯
  • Medium
  • Single Origin
The Long One is our traditional Filter Coffee Roast, boasting an easy brewing process and delectable dark chocolate notes. It provides a pleasant mouthfeel, desirable acidity, and a scrumptious taste, whether enjoyed hot or cold. With its unique flavor profile, The Long One can be relied on for a long time and is roasted right here on planet earth.
BeansColombia Excelso Hacienda La Claudina, 1300-1800m
OriginColombia 🇨🇴
Process100% washed
Dark Chocolate
Best ForFor all brew methods
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The Long One

The Hacienda La Claudina is located in Ciudad Bolívar, a traditional, colombian coffee-town, about 100km southwest of Medellín. From its grounds you have a spectacular view over all the way to the mountainchain called Los Farallones del Citara, which reach up to a height of 3900m. The ideal combination of altitude, humid and warm wind, alongside with fertile volcano soil ensure the production of great quality coffee. The harvest takes place between September and December. During this period, approximately 60 workers are occupied in plantations. Juan Saldarriaga is a young and highly motivated coffee producer who took over his family farms a few years ago.