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The Mild One

  • Blend
  • Espresso
  • Hazelnut 🌰
  • Light
This full bodied espresso blend is our famous signature blend with the lightest roast in our range. Expect flavors of Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Paranut & Toffee. Superior crema and specialty small-batch roasting sets this coffee apart from its competitors. "The Mild One" is roasted on Planet Earth.
BeansGuatemala El Jaguar SHB, 1400-1750 masl
Indian Monsooned Canephora AA, 700-1000 masl
OriginGuatemala 🇬🇹 India 🇮🇳
Process100% washed, monsooned & sun-dried
Dark Chocolate
Best ForEspresso Machine, Bialetti, French Press, Aeropress
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The Mild One

"El Jaguar" is a distinguished coffee blend carefully curated from the lush and fertile lands of Guatemala's Suchitepéquez department. This region is renowned for its tropical beauty, boasting an exuberant jungle teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

The beans are primarily sourced from the prestigious Altamira Plantation, a privately managed natural reserve known as "Transbal Pecul," supplemented by smaller farms in the vicinity. Under the ownership of Thomas Reiner Notebohm, the plantation consistently produces 2 to 3 lots of coffee per crop, ensuring top-notch quality.

Legend has it that in olden times, when wooden vessels carried raw coffee from India to Europe, during the monsoon months, the coffee beans would take the same hindi characteristics then the hindi coastal region. Taking almost 6 months to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, the coffee beans, exposed to constant humid conditions, underwent characteristic changes.

During this time the beans changed in size, structure, screen size, color and in cup. This uncommon, special, soft cup was given a hearty welcome in Europe - a never before feel! Unfortunately, its availability is very limited due to its special treatment.