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Sunny Galaxy

  • Blend
  • Espresso
  • Hazelnut 🌰
  • Medium
A balanced medium espresso blend made with two beans from Mexico and India, "Sunny Galaxy" is a unique coffee experience. Enjoy flavors of Milky Way Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut, and Toffee, along with a superior crema due to high-quality roasting. Despite the name, "Sunny Galaxy" is produced on our home planet.
BeansMexico Las Chicharras, Project Coffee, screensize 16up SHG EP, 1200-1400m
Indian Parchment AB Organic Canephora, 700-1000m
OriginMexico 🇲🇽 India 🇮🇳
Process100% washed
Dark Chocolate
Best ForEspresso Machine, Bialetti, French Press, Aeropress
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Sunny Galaxy

Owner of the plantation las Chicharras is E-Café,an ONG „Organización No Gubernamental" (a private, independent, non-profit organization which follows social or socio-political purposes). E-Café founded years ago a school in La Trinitaria, Chiapas with 3children. Today the school "hosts" 157 students in the boarding school model. In comparison to other schools in Mexico the students are very educated especially in language skills. That is the reason for the high rate of over 90% of graduates that go to college. E-Café creates through its activities in man areasiobs (teachers, gardeners, farmers (coffee, corn).

Chikmagalur and its tradition of celebrating coffee dates long back. As per the legends, it was in the late 1600s, that Chikmagalur saw the first bloom of the coffee crop. A saint named Baba Budan brought with him seven seeds of coffee from Mecca and spread them in a hill where he resided.