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Raumschiff Enterpresso Raumschiff Enterpresso

Preparation Recommendation Intensity Composition
Espresso Roast Dark 100% Robusta


“Raumschiff Enterpresso” is a dark-roasted espresso with a bold flavour and a smooth texture. It’s aroma of dark chocolate and hazelnut will transport you to a distant galaxy, while it’s lack of acidity ensures a pleasant, out-of-this-world experience. With a strong caffeine kick, this espresso is perfect for those who need to make a light-speed journey. Enjoy a cup of “Raumschiff Enterpresso” and get ready to explore the universe!

The Beans

Indian Parchment AB Organic Canephora, fully washed, 700–1000m masl


Package Contents

16 €
(30 € / kg)


Our Beans are roasted to order. We ship batches every tuesday.