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Roast Royce

Roasted on Planet Earth

How we roast

We roast with traditional drum roasting techniques on a SR5 Roaster from Coffed. As an advocate of quality we at Roast Royce believe that every bean needs time to unfold its unique flavors and peculiar strengths. Every 5kg batch that runs through our machine is visualized on Artisan and documented precisely for superior quality standards and reproducibility. We always roast fresh and dispatch on Tuesdays only.

Our coffee

As a 3rd wave roaster our range contains modern, light as well as traditional dark and full bodied quality roasts. We work exclusively with exquisite and fresh raw coffee beans matching superior quality standards. Every bean is personally sourced from the best growing regions from all over the world and tasted by the team.

Who we are

Roast Royce is a local artisan roastery located in a small warehouse in Weiden, Bavaria. We specialize on small high quality batch roasting.